Hello my name is Elle and I have Wine People Problems. What does that mean? It means more often than not if I am drinking anything other than coffee,  it is almost certainly wine. It means that if it is after noon my teeth are probably purple (I try to stick to white wine in the mornings). It means I have had people roll their eyes at me when I’ve mispronounced Willamette Valley, OR. It means I have also rolled my eyes at my sister when she puts ice cubes in her wine.

So as a WINE PERSON, I do have a bit of an agenda – to take the snobbery out of something that everyone (over 21 in the USA, and whatever is legal elsewhere) should be allowed to enjoy. I will be using this blog to lighten the mood on wine and also hope to be an outlet for all Wine People to ask questions, contribute answers, offer suggestions, etc. without any threat of intimidation.

Please consider following the blog so not to miss any posts (I will be posting as often as I have an idea, quote, book, wine gadget, wine, champagne, joke or anything else to share).


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  1. I am sure you have been asked by a ton of people, but given that I love your site and I love my job, I had to do my due diligence and ask – have you ever thought about doing in home wine tastings? I am a Director with a winery in Napa and do in home wine tastings for a living. Let me know if I can tell you more.


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