Wine is a Grocery, WIne is a Luxury

Wine is NOT a grocery… And other drunken expertise

Not a Grocery

So the other day I am cruising Instagram (my social media interaction of choice) and I see a meme that’s been going around awhile; a quote the people have come to believe – it says “Wine is a grocery, Not A Luxury”.

And I die a little inside. And I cannot believe how much I am bothered by this. I mean you can buy wine at a grocery store. Hell, you can buy wine at 7/11. But no – I insist – wine is NOT a grocery.

Grapes are a grocery. Grape Juice is a grocery. Vinegar is a grocery. But wine – wine is so much more.

Maybe wine is an accessible luxury. Maybe we can throw the word luxury out all together – it makes it sound like a Louis Vitton bag – as if it is only for the elite and those who like to blow all their tax refund on a single vice. But still, wine is so much more. Have you ever met a winemaker? Have you heard them passionately talk about the heart and soul they put in to the product you are purchasing, drinking, aging, gifting? Then you know wine is MORE than a grocery.

You know wine is an art. You know the number of hands that have touched your wine – viticulturists. farmers, winemakers – the travel it has take – from earth to barrel to bottle to you – YOU KNOW this is something more special than any grocery.

If you have ever step foot in wine country and met those beautiful hippies who have dedicated their lives to making sure what you consume is special, valuable, worthy of an experience worth traveling to see how it is done, then you know wine is more than a grocery.

Now I am certain this whole “Wine is a grocery” slogan came from the wine industry itself in hopes you would pick a bottle up at the grocery store. They hoped you would include wine in your weekly grocery budget. They hoped you would think “Wine is for everyone” and that message IS right. But in the way that EVERYBODY deserved the luxury of wine; not as a marketing tool but as a way to treat yourself.