Wine People, Wine People Problems

I’m Out of Wine! Winter Wine People Problems…


Since the weather has the equivalent of “Hell Freezes Over” I have done all I can to stay in the house and hibernate. I literally only leave for work and mandatory appointments. I try to grocery shop one my way to and from work and appointments. I hate the snow. I hate the cold. I am NOT people who should live in the Midwest but here I am. So that bone chilling cold and snow seeping into your knit Ugg boots (which I love but are not at all reasonable for actual weather) there is only one thing that has been able to truly warm me up – Red Wine.

Now I drink a lot of wine all year round so you would think I had this figured out, but this is my first “real winter” in many years after living in a much warmer climate. I’ve looked into wine delivery but it turns out unless you’re buying like 10 cases at a time, it’s hard to find. I have tried planning in advance – buying 12 bottles at a time (which nicely usually comes with an additional discount) but there’s a problem that comes with that. It’s sort of that, “If you build it they will come” thing – except in Wine People translation it’s “If I buy it, I will drink”.

That’s right, for some reason 12 bottles only seem to last as long as 6 bottles. Winter is turning me into a wine-a-holic. The only solution I can think of? Sunshine. And if you can’t bring me that, someone send me some teeth whitening strips because this red wine is taking a toll.