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Wine People Resolutions


I was going to do this first thing in the morning but as a wine person on New Year’s day …well, I was feeling a little rough. I still am feeling a little “wine flu” ish so forgive any misspellings or grammatical errors (or post them in the comments and I’ll come back and edit. I really hate sh*tty grammar).

Anyway – I was thinking of some resolutions for 2015 – I came up with the obvious: Lose weight/get healthy (but I make and break this resolution daily so no need to make it for the whole year), drink less (this was early in my hangover when I wasn’t thinking clearly), be better about saving money, travel, etc. But serious resolutions have nothing to do with a new year, it’s more just a decision to make better choices and I feel like people can do that at any time. So, today, I present all you Wine People readers – Wine People Resolutions!

Take a wine upgrade.
This is always a challenge  if any of your other resolutions are financially based so I am not talking about huge upgrades or all the time. If you drink 3 bottles of wine a week make one of them a few bucks more than you usually spend. You’d be surprised to find the differences between a $5 and $8 bottle of wine. If you’re always going with the least expensive glass of wine on the menu, move it on up. You might find it’s worth a few extra dollars or you might find your old favorites can’t be beat!

Move over to red wines
I am not a biased wine drinker. I love white wine, red wine, rose, port, grappa… the list goes on (obviously). But I remember when I was stuck in a place where I was only drinking white wines – specifically sweet ones. It’s hard to break out of this trend but I am believer in expanding your palate. If you’re drinking Moscato probably don’t jump over to Cabernet but use 2015 to gradually transition into other wines. Try a drier Riesling, move on to some Sauvignon Blanc and on to some Pinot Noir (the easiest transition red wine since it’s normally a bit lighter in body). Take suggestions from friends and other Wine People you know.

Learn to love Merlot.
Once upon a time, around 2004, Paul Giamatti was in one of my most favorite wine movies in existence and told everyone NOT to drink Merlot. A few reminders about Giamatti’s character Miles – he was a bit unstable, he knew his stuff about wine, and he was carrying around a Right Bank Bordeaux the whole movie (mostly Merlot) which he really loved. Somehow – people still trusted that Miles was right and Merlot was out and Pinot Noir was in. My issue with this? I adore Merlot. I lean toward Miles opinion on California Merlot (just not really my style) but French Merlot, Washington Merlot, Merlot from anywhere else in the world – I love it. Give Merlot a chance in 2015.

 Read about wine.
Although I learn better by doing – which for Wine People means drinking wine – I also am an avid reader and wine is a topic that has always interested me. Wine People love to share their information with you – subscriptions for Wine Spectator or Wine Enthusiast are a good way to get excited to read about wine – plus one piece on non-bill mail every month. I hear there are some great wine blogs out there (ahem, feel free to follow). Wine books are everywhere, too, but be sure to check out the authors backgrounds and also check dates of publication for any fact based books because wine is every changing. Also, previously mentioned Sideways is also a book, and there is a sequel called Vertical.

 Travel with wine.
They are growing grapes for wine making on 6 of 7 continents now (get your act together Antarctica!). All 50 states in the USA are growing grapes, too. If you can’t afford to visit all these amazing wine growing places, have some “around the world” fun with their wines at home. If you’ve already tried all over the California and Pacific Northwest wineries expand your horizons – Texas, Arizona, New York all have some great and highly rated wines. Tried your share of Italian, French and German wines? Try Austrian and Greek wines.

Love the Wine You’re With
At the end of the day, Wine Resolutions are about loving wine and enjoying yourself while tasting them. Buy what you like, don’t be intimidated, ask questions to Wine People. Happy 2015!