LulaRoe, wine, Wine and Roe

Wine, LulaRoe and Other Things I Love

I know I need to commit more to being on this blog. I’ve had it for awhile and can’t let it go but for some reason haven’t really connected nearly enough. BUT – my next exciting endeavor has me thinking about better ways to connect with people and I keep coming back to this blog. Posting multiple paragraphs on Facebook seems like too much; Twitter won’t let me anyway. My social media love is always Instagram – a picture worth 1000 words and all. But I am going to loop back to something I used to love – and think I still do – writing. And reading (I’ll be trying to follow and connect back with readers).

And so – my November resolution (because I do mid-year resolutions since I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions) is to fill my time with more things I love… which brings me to the point of this post – I am starting my LulaRoe business this week! I have on-boarded and am awaiting my initial order to arrive.

Please use this link to connect and shop with me:


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